Rapid Antigen Testing

For travellers or standard asymptomatic testing, COVID Rapid Antigen test with COVID Travel Test in Ottawa and Orleans can get provide you with results in 30 minutes.

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The Fastest Results

Depending on local regulations or if you're traveling within Canada, you may require proof of a negative Rapid Antigen test for COVID-19.

A Rapid Antigen test is one of the easiest and fastest ways to be tested for possible COVID-19 infection. At COVID Travel Test, with two clinics in Ottawa and Orleans, we provide numerous appointment slots per day for Rapid Antigen Tests.

Rapid Antigen Test

Domestic Use and Return Travel with results in 30 minutes

$40 (tax incl.)

Frequently Asked Questions

See some frequently asked questions below. If you don't find the answer to your question, get in touch with us and a member of our team will help you.

  • For what reason can I book a test?

    COVID-19 RT-PCR swab and Covid- 19 Antigen Rapid Test.

    If you feel like you may be experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms please contact your local Public Health for further instructions.

    Before you book, review the question "Do I meet the requirements for testing?" to ensure that you qualify to book an appointment.

  • How much does the test cost?

    The COVID -19 Antigen rapid test is not covered by OHIP and is available at a cost of $40 (tax included) per test.

  • How do I book a pre-travel COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test?

    Your test must be booked online through this website.

    Simply select the location you will be testing at, and proceed through the booking process.

    Book At Bank Medical Centre  Book At Ottawa Medical Group Innes Road

  • Is the COVID Travel Test service suitable for my airline or destination?

    Not all airlines or destinations have the same requirements in terms of COVID-19 testing. Our COVID-19 test type, testing window, and results’ turnaround time may not be suitable for your particular airline or destination.


    Review the requirements from your airline or final destination pertaining to COVID-19 testing and confirm that the type of test offered by COVID Travel Test meets these requirements.

    We are not responsible for confirming or validating this information on your behalf.

    It is the patient’s responsibility to be aware of this information. We will not offer refunds for related issues.

  • Where can I find out about current travel restrictions?

    You can find up-to-date information about current travel restrictions by visiting this site: https://apply.joinsherpa.com/ travel-restrictions

  • What is a Virtual Rapid Antigen Test?

    A Virtual Rapid Antigen Test is a standard rapid antigen test that you can do yourself in conjunction with a web-based video appointment with us to watch you perform the test to ensure accurate results.

    This process is valuable as it allows you to take a physical testing kit with you if you are traveling, and perform the test before you come back to Canada.

    There are some caveats: the testing kit you use must be provided by us prior to your departure. You will also need a working internet connection at your destination in order for us to observe the test occurring. 

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COVID-19 Rapid Antigen or RT-PCR Test

Whether you're traveling, or require an asymptomatic COVID test, visit COVID Travel Test at one of our two convenient locations today.