More Than a Third of Canadian Households Got COVID-19 After Restrictions Lifted

Now that most COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted across Canada, many households are indicating they have had at least one family member infected with the virus. We share some statistics from a recent survey in this article.

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Since public health measures were lifted across Canada, more than one-third of households in the country have been impacted by COVID-19, a recent survey has revealed.

Between August 1 and August 3, Vancouver-based Research Co. conducted an online poll of 1,000 respondents from across Canada. The survey found 37% of Canadians reported that they were either infected themselves or someone in their household became infected after restrictions were lifted.

Compare this with results from Research Co.'s May survey, which indicate that just 23% of Canadians had been infected with the virus.

More and more people are being exposed to COVID, even if they've been vaccinated.

Last month's survey also said that 46% of survey respondents indicated they believed in public health restrictions and that mandates were abandoned too early in communities across Canada, while 44% had the opinion that the choice was made at the right time.

In the Atlantic region, 55% of respondents said they were "disappointed" with the current absence of restrictions, compared to 48% in Alberta, 47% in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, 45% in British Columbia and Quebec, and 43% in Ontario.

While restrictions, including face masking, limits on the maximum number of people that could gather in one place and proof of vaccination requirements were lifted in most provinces between February and April, more than half of Canadians would like to see at least some in place, the survey indicated.

Results indicated that 66% of Canadians would be satisfied with a mandate to wear a mask indoors, and 63% would feel similarly if capacity limits were once again in place at public venues such as arenas or theatres.

Sixty percent would also be satisfied with measures that required proof of vaccination - results that varied little from the findings of the survey taken in May.

The survey found that 68% of Canadians believe the words of the pandemic is likely or definitely behind us, while 77% continue to see COVID-19 as a threat. That number rose to 82% for respondents aged 55 and older.

Three in five respondents said they believe it's only a matter of time before everybody catches COVID-19, and 54% felt that as long as people are vaccinated, it's only a "minor nuisance".

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