Covid Seventh Wave Potentially Coming This Fall, Doctors Say

Wondering what's in store for the pandemic this fall? Many doctors suspect that we are heading into a seventh wave. That's why it's important to be vigilant about COVID testing. 

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Many news reports indicate we should expect the seventh wave of the COVID-19 pandemic to peak across Ontario as we enter late summer / early fall. 

While infection indicators increase according to the Eastern Ontario Health Unit and Ottawa Public Health, local indicators are being monitored continuously by public health officials. 

The highly transmissible BA.5 Omicron variant is driving this seventh wave. if this wave follows the same pattern seen in other countries, we'll see a period of weeks-long increase followed by a weeks-long decline. In Ottawa, wastewater viral signal, test positivity rate, and hospital admissions and outbreaks have all increased. 

Regardless of the numbers at this time, it's important to remember that the pandemic is not over. For many people, protection from the two-dose vaccine series is wearing off.

More than 65 percent of people under 50 have not had their first booster dose, which is a concern since the booster can offer significant additional protection against serious illness and hospitalization. 

We should continue to take measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, such as taking an Antigen Test or RT-PCR Test before traveling depending on the requirements of your destination country, wearing a mask indoors or in crowded areas and scheduling and keeping appointments for booster shots, if you are eligible.

At COVID Travel Test, we offer pre-travel COVID-19 tests, as well as testing for government, military or corporate teams that require routine RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen Tests. We also offer testing for schools and larger gathering and events such as seminars or weddings. 

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 by Rapid Antigen Test or RT-PCR Test, our on-staff healthcare professional can assess you for recovery after your isolation period. Should the assessment indicate that you have recovered from COVID-19, we will issue you a Letter of Recovery (also sometimes called a COVID Certificate) stating this. 

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